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Vicki, you made my day. I love love love everything that you made for me. I cried when I got home... I took a good look at all my goodies & did you outdo yourself. Bless you Vicki... & I can't wait until I get my hat with removable crown.

      — Ginny from Perth Amboy, NJ

I have known Vickie Conforti for many years as a business associate and after retirement as a member of the Red Hat Society. Victoria's Designs is a lovely boutique with hats of all colors and designs; from sun visors to bridesmaid bonnets. I have purchased several hats from Victoria's Designs and love them all. I also receive many compliments from others on them. Victoria's Designs definitely does have a large clientele among the Red Hat Society members.

      — Annette from Brick, NJ

What could be more elegant than wearing an original hat designed by Victoria Conforti?

      — Estelle from Toms River, NJ

Just when I had given up trying to find classy, stylish, and resonably priced hats, I was introduced to a very talented and creative lady who is the designer and owner of Victoria's Designs.

I am the proud owner of at least 20 of her original design creations. She designs hats in every style and color. Whatever your heart desires, Vicky can design, create, and make for you.

      — Marie from Monroe, NJ

When I first met Vicki, I had joined the Red Hat Society. I bought two red hats, a purple hat, and several visors made by Victoria Conforti. Each one was an original design, very well made, extremely elegant, and cause for many compliments. I also asked her to make some hats for a Golden Anniversary. Victoria came through with sensational ideas for the golden hats and recipients as well as the guests at the Anniversary party thought they were the best they had ever seen.

At first I thought Victoria was only making red hats, but she has shown her ingenuity in casual hats for everyday use to dressy hats for special occasions in many different colors and designs. Her originality is unbeatable.

      — Ellin from Somerset, NJ

I just love my Queen cowboy hat. I have received many great compliments on this hat.

      — Joan

If you are considering buying a hat that is fashioned with distinction and also celebrates your individuality, you must check out those designed by Victoria Conforti!! I own several of her hats and appreciate the originality and fine workmanship. These hats are one-of-a-kind and never fail to gain me compliments whenever I wear them.

For a lot of bang for your buck, these are the hats for you!

      — Corinne from Toms River, NJ

To my Red Hat Designer: I counted the red hats and now my new black one, you have made for me and one for my grand daughter , and hers with a matching purse, and to date I have 10 and not one red hat is like another. In fact my hats stand alone in a crowd. Not another like them. My favorite is one I bought a while ago and I have had compliments on this hat in New York at the Philadelphia Flower Show (had my picture take with the hat on) and even at the Ocean Mall on red hat day. I had a young man selling cameras wanted to take a picture of my favorite hat because he loved it so much. Whenever I am out with the group of red hats believe it or not it is the MEN who give the compliments.

When you buy a red or any other color hat, from Vicki you will never see yourself coming and going. I suggest you look over what you see on the web site and order. You are not taking any chances because you will never be disappointed in the quality or style or the adornments on the hats.

By buying hats from Vicki she has become a friend and I can give her an order she knows what I like and I know I will never be disappointed with what she comes up with.

Red Hatters and others give Vicki a chance. You will never be disappointed.

      — Flo from Whiting, New Jersey

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